Roger the Lodger

The Lodger is a sunny band from Leeds, Yorkshire, United Kingdom with a healthy portion of Stars and the fresh enthusiasm of a gang of 19 year olds with sparkling new instruments. Guitars are a-janglin', the pop is a-bubblin', the '80s are a-...returnin'? Oh yeah and some trumpets. The drums have a comforting recorded-in-a-living-room sound, dry and immediate. It might have even been your living room, it sounds like. I even hear little bits of early Smiths, if only they'd been much happier and less concerned with politics, perhaps.

"Direct, intimate and almost wholly devoid of cynicism, The Lodger have created a record imbued with a cheering, if curious naivety. Let’s hope they never go growing up." -Drowned in Sound

Let Her Go
The Story's Over
[from Grown-Ups|buy]


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