the "Return" of "Silverchair"

I used to rock Silverchair on the way to basketball games in 7th grade. "Israel's Son" used to get my blood pumping as much as any 13 year old's blood could be pumped. "Suicidal Dream" was morbidly titled, but beautifully written and I would listen to it on repeat. This Australian three-piece was 15 at the time. Present day, a new album, 5 years after the release of Diorama, a sound entirely foreign to 1995's Frogstomp. It's been a gradual progression, led by Daniel Johns, as he's morphed the sound from immature heavy angst to mature electronic and symphonic melodic rock. His side project the Dissociatives (w/ electronic musician Paul Mac) released one of my absolute favorite records in 2005, one which was nominated for 6 ARIAs (Australian Grammies) including "Album of the Year." Transitioning back to Silverchair, Johns has retained the blissful pop of that project and refined it further. This is not the Silverchair you remember. So if you hated them then, you might want to give it another shot. Johns is a visionary who has been in the spotlight from when he was 14 and refused to wilt. The music just keeps pumping out of his mouth and fingertips.

Straight Lines
[from Young Modern|buy]
Across the Night
[from Diorama|buy]
The Dissociatives - Horror with Eyeballs
[from s/t|buy]


Anonymous Rob said...

I picked up a copy of the new record back in March and it's taken awhile for me to get into this new Midnight Oil kick Daniel is on, and the effect time has had on his voice certainly shows through, but Nick Launay managed to work to the band, and Daniel's stregths and mix out their weaknesses and it's quite a great record. I still think some of the b-sides would have fit better than certain tracks, but I felt that way about the Diorama outtakes as well.

overall I'd give it a 8 of 10 simply because his voice just isn't what it used to be. and live he's horrendous. he needs to lay off all the pot. it's killing his vocal chords.

someone with such a beautiful voice should respect what he has more than he seems to.

7:13 PM  

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