An Aside

If you've noticed for the last two weeks, I'm in a pattern of "blog two days in a row, take a day off." I figured some kind of explanation would be sufficient, though maybe you didn't notice at all. Back when I did my post on The Thrills, I simultaneously upped my hosting bandwidth from 25GB to 50gb a month (I was already encroaching on 20GB of usage for the month). Coincidentally, someone somewhere ended up re-posting direct links to those songs and sucked up 20 GB of my new bandwidth in a single day. I took the links down to remedy this, but it's left me with precious little storage room for the rest of the month. So I've been forced to think long and hard about what I write about and what I've been hosting as to use that space the most efficiently. As a result, things might have been a little less consistent, but I think I've written a few of my favorite posts.

Some things of interest:
So Many Dynamos recording blog - thoroughly entertaining (start from the beginning) chronicle of their recording journey from Tiny Telephone in SF (John Vanderslice's studio) up to Chris Walla's house studio in Portland, OR, to a terrifying and death-defying van wreck on their way home, and continued near-daily.

The Darjeeling Unlimited
- trailer for Wes Anderson's new film.

myspacemp3.org - download any song from myspace, even the streaming ones.


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