The Shins Reloaded

It'd be pretty hard to improve much of The Shins' Wincing the Night Away, especially my two favorite tracks in "Sleeping Lessons" and "Australia". The jury is still deliberating on these two particular re-mixes, mostly because they are actually very good and make it seem like I'm hearing these again for the first time. The differences are subtle, which is generally how I like my re-mixes. In "Sleeping Lessons", a little less bubblydreamy, a little more raw acoustic beauty followed by a tight little drum machine in the outro. "Australia" still has its main beat and bassline, but Peter Bjorn & John have added a layer of guitar that works with the existing melody while pulling it in a different, almost dissonant direction. Almost. Maybe they aren't better than the originals, but maybe you'll hear them with fresh ears. With songs as good as this, I'll take that as often as I can.

Sleeping Lessons (The RAC Remix)
Australia (Peter Bjorn & John Remix)
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