Wesafari, OId and New

Seattle's famous unknown Wesafari is back from a lengthy hiatus following their incredible 2005 LP Alaska with the new Moss Green EP, released just last week. The space-tundra sound is still intact, frolicking with flawless atmospheric pop sensibility. Though he has since departed the band, Andy Wright's signature drumming appears throughout the EP, continuing to glue the rampant creativity and experimentation together with tasty fills and unorthodox rhythms. There are even guest vocals from Jen Wood, another of the city's musical soldiers. You might have heard her singing on the Postal Service LP Give Up, the song "Nothing Better" in particular. She helped that record go platinum and open many of the doors independent music has on the radio today. Maybe the magic touch will spread to this insanely deserving band. A linesthroughlines favorite.

[from Moss Green EP|download]
[from Ball of Wax V1]
Wading Schematic
[from Ball of Wax V4]
more info and downloads, go to ballofwax.org


Anonymous Justin said...

Just the other week I was going to ask you if you had checked out the new stuff Wesafari put up. It's Lamentable that Andy left but the band still seems in full stride and all for the better. I can't wait for more stuff from these guys... I just can't get enough.

They need to tour east coast.


12:57 AM  

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