Iron & Wine is Sublime

Sam Beam and his beard can do no wrong. Especially now, after the years of anticipation since Our Endless Numbered Days, the post-Garden State commercialization, the m&m's ads, and the inclusion of Iron &Wine shirts at Hot Topic. This album leaked months ago (an abnormally lengthy head start even for this industry) giving many bloggers, music critics, and slobbering fans ample time to make up their minds about it, and despite it being a textural departure from his previous work, they still love it. The recent issue of Paste features Beam's fuzzy face on the cover with the headline "Sam Beam is America's next great folksinger." The praise is almost spiritual and based on more than just his neo-Jesus appearance. One listen to "Carousel" and you'll understand why. If this isn't blasting over the speakers in heaven right now, I'm calling the man in charge.

Boy with a Coin
[from The Shepherd's Dog (out 9.25)buy]


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