It's not actually a Band of Horses

With a Band of Horses, you'd think their hooves would prevent them from solidly playing chords and fingerpicking strings of a guitar. One would imagine it'd be difficult for a horse to carry a tune as well, but maybe assumptions are overrated. This sublime group of equine buck a lot of stereotypes in the same way. It's unpretentious indie-rock, melodic and echoey, driving and diverse. The Shins + Cold War Kids + Secret Machines. I saw them open for Iron and Wine three years ago and they blew me away, but their tour EP disappointed. After last year's blog-fave Everything All the Time, they follow up with an even stronger effort on Sub Pop Records. It glitters and rocks. Like a glittery rock.

Is there a Ghost
Lamb of the Lam (In The City)
[from Cease to Begin (out 10.9)|pre-order]


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