Tigercity, the new Go West?

Let it be known that I spent an extra 30 mins on the assignments yesterday because I decided Tigercity deserved their own post and I had to find a replacement. This EP, while longer than most (6 tracks), is not nearly long enough. It makes me giddy. It's like I felt when I first heard Maritime and Crystal Skulls in 2005, only instead of '70s pop, these guys are oozing Miami Vice-era Go West/WHAM/Hall & Oates. Yes, you read that right. Tigercity is spouting synth and hi-hat-heavy dance karate like it's 1986. I feel like I'm 4 years old again!

Somehow this band is unsigned and therefore this EP is an iTunes-only release. Best $5.95 I've spent in recent memory. Listen to 4 of the songs @ their myspace, if you aren't convinced, you're taking crazy pills.

Other Girls
Are You Sensation?
[from Pretend Not to Love|buy]


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