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People my people,

Sorry the blog has been relatively spotty recently. My brother was in town the last week and we were out doing things like canoeing, picnicking, shopping, and rocking. Also, I have so much musically on my plate that it's harder to decide what I want to write about. I go back and forth so much that I just end up listening to more and more and instead of forcing a post, I just enjoy myself. The Blankets Project (a covers compilation) is nearing completion, the first volume of which should be up this week, and I've got a lot of new things to review: KT Tunstall, Band of Horses, The Cave Singers, The Weakerthans, etc. The Listening Assignments tomorrow will be my favorite of the last while so you should check them out, of suffer an impossibly bland Monday afternoon.

Other than that, the posts have been pretty solid music, no? My top 20 for 2007 is totally a wreck now. Here are some random tidbits I've found otherwise...

1. The Music Man - an interesting interview/article with super-producer Rick Rubin who, in May, became the co-head of Columbia Records. If anything else, his beard is totally legendary.

2. Strokes of Genius - Phil Hansen - one of the most intriguing and amazing artists I can think of at the moment. w/ video goodness that will undoubtedly lead you in a search for more.

3. I want this shirt like whoa.

4. For Eli - Andrea Gibson - I get shivers when I hear this spoken word performance, seriously. If you agree or not, this is staggeringly poignant.

5. Music later today!


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