Listening Assignments 9.24.07

1. Two Gallants - The Hand that Held Me Down - I've gotta say that if you don't love the harmonica from :23 - 1:00 (and another 30 seconds at 3:00), you've got nuts and bolts loose in your brain. What a sweet instrument. What follows is somewhat expected, trembly-voiced and almost wailed, smacking of old Whiskeytown and maybe some Bright Eyes. [from Two Gallantsbuy]

2. Red Fox, Grey Fox - Up with Mittens, Down with Gloves - Not enough people know about Vedera so this comparison might miss the mark, but this sounds a lot like Vedera/Broken Social Scene. It's almost withdrawn and loping alongside a car in the mountains, where inside you're squinting back tears at whatever you're running away from in the city. That's what it feels like anyway. [from From the Land of Bears, Ice, and Rockbuy]

3. Cary Brothers - Honestly - Sure, it's melodramatic to the point of cheddar, but I think in the context of the movie, I'd have a little lump in my throat. Of course I'd never admit that in person. Breakup songs are all like that, but we all relate to them anyway. [from Feast of Love Sdtkbuy]

4. Ris Paul Ric - Purple Blaze - This is 2005 material from the former frontman for Q and not U. It's relevant again with his former drummer releasing the amazing Georgie James record this year, and it could be argued that the Q is doing more exciting things these days than they were before the band broke up. Purple Blaze is a trippy, loop-filled musical poem. [from Purple Blazebuy]


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