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Travis Morrison always makes me want to do the robot. That, and stick out my bottom lip in protest at whatever Pitchfork has to say about it. Apparently if you front a highly successful indie rock band but leave to graze in different pastures on your own, you should still do your best to sound as similar as possible to what everyone wants to remember you for. The Dismemberment Plan was incredible; there's no denying that fact. It was hip, hooky, and deep, while being totally different from anything you'd ever heard before. It was weird sometimes, and sometimes it could even make you feel uncomfortable and want to skip the song, but then, at the last moment, a melody would come soaring down from the clouds and save it and you'd smile and think "wow, that was pretty cool." And they broke up because that's what bands do. I think we need to get over it.

So Travis has moved on. His first solo offering, 2004's Travistan, was definitely a departure, probably more than necessary...just to serve notice that this man was not going to fit our mold, even if it meant breaking out trippy acoustic semi-political pop and standing on a soap-box. It got a 0.0 in Pitchfork, in the now-infamous review by Chris Dahlen. I'll be the first to say the album wasn't all that glitters, but zero? If anything, it speaks volumes to how expectations and pretension can blind. I don't care what Chris says, "People Die" is a mixtape favorite and still one of my favorite 5 songs from that year.

So now, we're here at All Y'all, on the heels of another P'forking (4.5/10). Two times through and I haven't skipped a track. I've heard a few tracks a few times and I'm thinking this record very well might rule. Just listen to the "Timebomb"-esque "I'm Not Supposed to Like You (But)", a simple but effectively engaging opener dubbed by the almighty music reviewer as "banal high school sentiment." Did he hear the obscenely cool orgy of trumpets at 1:25? There are so many beautiful moments on this record, it's led me to an understanding on why I could never write for Pitchfork: I'd much rather look at the best parts of music I can love than the parts I just can't get over. I suggest you all make the same choice as well. Travis, this blog's for you.

I'm Not Supposed to Like You (But)
Just Didn't Turn Me On
[from All Y'all|buy]
People Die
[from Travistan|buy]


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