Pinback is (almost) back

I'd like to thank Pinback for being one of my biggest influences in indie rock since I first heard "Penelope" back in 2001. They and their singer Rob Crow are no strangers to this blog, for myriad reasons. Melody, creativity, novelty, chivalry, nudity, harmony, and metallurgy. A few of those I made up, but they may also apply. It sounds like Ben Gibbard fronting the Police while ice skating. This new record (out next Tuesday) is an amazing lesson in consistency and pacing. In a time where 80% of the musicians we love put out albums we're ultimately disappointed in, Pinback continues to release potent and unique soundscapes and further plop down bricks to solidify their residence atop the hill of awesome independent music.

Blue Harvest
Devil You Know
From Nothing to Nowhere
[from Autumn of the Seraphs (out 9.11)|buy]


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