For the Kids Three...

It's been great getting some feedback on the end-of-year lists. Thanks for the e-mails of appreciation. You all rule. I thought I'd take a step back today with something nice and light. Something you might smile about...

If you haven't heard of the For the Kids series, this is your intro. Here's the no-brainer part of the equation: it's an album for kids. The curveball is that it's a compilation of a wide array of great indie and mainstream bands. This version (3) has Over the Rhine, Rogue Wave, Blitzen Trapper, Of Montreal, Anathallo, Mates of State, The Format, Jolie Holland, Barenaked Ladies and more all contributing studio tracks, both original and traditional. The originals are the most fun. Past version have had Tom Waits, Matt Nathanson, Guster, Glen Phillips, Billy Bragg & Wilco, Bleu, They Might Be Giants, Nada Surf and Cake.

"The Poopsmith Song" (not inspired by the Homestar Runner character, to my knowledge) is one of the catchiest and educational songs of the year. You'll probably blush and laugh at the same time, then find yourself singing it for the rest of the night. And you might just learn something you didn't know. ("Not on your brother, not on your sis. Not on any family member, you might want to make a list...")

Over the Rhine - The Poopsmith Song
Rosie Thomas & Damien Jurado - Small as Me
[from For the Kids 3|buy]


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