The List of Right On

1. Oh. My. God. This is probably one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Will Arnett (Gob from Arrested Development) does a sextape with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. OMG. It's vulgar. And awesome.

2. Stuff White People Like - way too much hilarious stuff to get through in a day, my personal faves so far are T-Shirts, Hating Corporations, and The Idea of Soccer. (Thanks Jeff for both links! )

3. Said the Gramophone had a seriousy amazing contest that ended a week ago. User-submitted music videos to the songs of their choice. Hundreds of submissions were...ummm, submitted. The top 5 can be seen here and the rest of the top 15 here. This video for Joanna Newsom's "The Book of Right On" (still probably my favorite of hers) got #2, but was definitely my choice. If you aren't visiting StG daily, you're missing out.

4. Inexplicably, you can now buy Bacon, Egg and Cheese Combos at 7-11. Resist your curiosity, trust me. So gross.


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