Listening Assignments 3.3.08

1. Guillemots - Get Over It - This song is so full of gleeful bombast I can hardly stand it. This is possibly what George Michael would have sounded like if he were 24 in 2008. This chorus is epic. This. [from Red (out 3.24)|info]

2. Shearwater - Rooks - My buddy Alex will surely disagree with me, but somehow I've always gotten into John Meiburg's Shearwater just a little more than his bandmate Will Sheff's Okkervil River. It's most likely the constant reminders of Jason Molina and Songs:Ohia in the clean guitar tones and song structure. I also dig the smooth upper register vocals that swirl around like birds on an updraft. [from Rook (out 6.3)|info]

3. Ghosthustler - Only Me to Trust - Yet another step in reviving '80s techno-soul-pop. I say break out the defibrillators and smelling salts. My pelvis won't stop moving. [demo|myspace]

4. Hanne Hukkelberg - The Northwind - The sound you're hearing is your conscience saying you need to buy this album for $8.91 on iTunes immediately. You can listen to 4 of the 9 tracks on her myspace. It's all blustery and seductive and full of life. Completely beautiful. RIYL: Ane Brun, Julie London, Julie Doiron, Feist. [from Rykestrasse 68|iTunes or Amazon]


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