Ol' Milwaukee Imposters

What Made Milwaukee Famous is no longer just Schlitz...though this diverse rock outfit hails from the mecca of Austin, TX and not the colder frontier up north. What Doesn't Kill Us, one of 2008's most anticipated records, dropped on Tuesday and does not disappoint in the slightest. It shines.

From hook-soaked first single ("Sultan") to the straightforward acoustic and slide-guitar closer ("The Other Side"), this record is the result of a massive maturation. Trying to Never Catch Up was one of my favorites of 2006 (#14) but today, I can only listen to a few tracks regularly. I fell for it immediately due to its rampant pop sensibility and bouncy synth-pop undercurrent, but over time, most of the songs just sound to be almost there. It just took a little time. "As the Grief Goes On..." is the biggest benefactor of that maturation, starting simply enough but quickly going unexpected places, bringing your hands together with irresistible clap sequences, changing tempo, and building to a beautiful crescendo. This is focused, inspiring songwriting. Unlike their previous effort, this flows effortlessly and cohesively. All the songs belong here. We were meant to share this place together.

"Life is what you choose. Love is what you make."

And the Grief Goes On...
[from What Doesn't Kill Us|buy]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have this album on repeat. i can't get enough of it!

11:55 AM  
Anonymous cloe said...

i heart wmmf

1:17 PM  

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