April Showers

How you enjoy Mark Kozelek/Sun Kil Moon is directly proportional to how you are feeling at any given moment. Once you're familiar with his low and fragile warble, you'll recognize it instantly. It's usually swaddled in downtempo acoustic guitar, very minimal production or percussion, clean fender strat-esque minimalist overdubs, and powerful repetitive structure. It'll flow like molten glass in the dark.

If you're sad, it'll make you cry. If you're happy, it'll make you daydream. If you're tired, it'll put you to sleep. Or maybe it'll speak to you at a specific time and never again. Maybe it'll take that one ember and blow it into a spark, into wandering brushfire that burns you bare and lets all the new things begin to grow again.

Lost Verses (feat. Ben Gibbard)
[from April|buy]


Blogger Jessica said...

Mark Kozelek is one of my favorites. Everything you said about his music is the absolute truth. He is phenomenal. The best is to listen to him when it is raining. The mix of the rain grazing the outside and his low, somber voice is heaven.

10:14 AM  

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