Seeing Red

Bloggers and fans the world over are displeased that their British babies Guillemots are trying to reinvent Duran Duran instead of remaining critically revered in the footsteps of 2006's Through the Windowpane. Already, Red has climbed higher on the UK charts than Windowpane ever did, largely due to the ridiculously catchy and bombastic lead single "Get Over It", which in retrospect is an adequately loud response to how this record is being treated in select "taste" hotspots around the globe. Get over it, yourselves, etc.

I guarantee a little sass would do wonders in your life. I agree that I don't enjoy this record nearly as much as a whole as the previous album, but there are a few stellar tracks. If you only allow yourself to enjoy something for your own reasons. Nothing else matters.

[from Red|buy]

"Get Over It"


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