Not a Modest Mockery

Mock Orange has traveled many places, musically and physically, to get to your ears today. 2000's The Record Play is essential early-emo (god, that word has changed) listening, reflecting the angular and angsty sentiments of bands like Braid and Hey Mercedes. The status and critical success of that album ("Perfect albums don't come around very often, but this is the closest we've heard in a long time." -Alternative Press), coupled with the radically different sound of their latest LP Captain Love, has resulted in the typical internet hubbub about "selling out" and "I only liked their early stuff" and "they're copying Modest Mouse." Unfortunately if you're a band in the indie community you're never allowed to change, instead only pandering to the niche fans you gained early on. 2004's Mind is Not Brain is actually the "missing" link between these two sounds, bridging early 00's indie with more pop sensibility and hooks. It helps to explain how Mock Orange can occasionally sound similar to Modest Mouse (who have transformed similarly over the same time period).

So the Evansville, Indiana band was satisfied to release their new record in Japan last September instead of here (late April US Release). Japan seems to love them, perhaps embracing them for the very changes that makes some fans shun them here. The same fans that probably can't appreciate new Modest Mouse for what it is instead of dismissing it for what it isn't.

Majestic Raincoat
[from Captain Love|import. good luck.]
[from Mind is Not Brain|buy]
Nothing to Write
[from The Record Play|buy]


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