the DKD Killer

David Karsten Daniels sounds like he could your Mormon cousin, twice removed. Being thrice-named, he'd also qualify for potential serial killer/presidential assassin status. He could be any normal Joe on the corner shilling hot dogs or bootlegged DVD's. But it's my job to tell you that he isn't any of those things.

There is no disconnect between you and Mr. Daniels. No air of pretense or cloud of ego. There is no nail polish or eyeliner or cologne. You two are simply standing in an empty room. He holds a guitar, you hold your heart outstretched, soaking it in. You will laugh and cry together, like brothers. The sounds will reverberate, your soul will vibrate, a heart will pulsate. Two people, equal in a room. A pitcher filling a vessel. Overflowing.

The Knot Unties
[from Fear of Flying (out 4.29)|buy]


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