Cloud Cult's Kool-Aid

Cloud Cult is just about the most agreeable cult you'll run into these days. They don't want your soul, they just want your carbon outputs to be offset. They don't demand tithes, just environmental awareness. No robes or uniforms, just an air of honesty and a glow of hope. You won't find them jumping up on Oprah's couch or making a cameo on South Park, but they just might change your life anyway.

The reason is this: There's something special herein. It's something not manifested in neon signs and spotlights, but buried shallow, just enough skin on top to camouflage. There is so much heart, I think my speakers would bleed if punctured. There are ambitious arrangements, the pacing is patient. There's something in here that will change you. You will feel good about listening, about taking part in this sender/receiver relationship we all share, about buying this record straight from the band, about music doing something great for everyone at once.

May Your Heart Stay Strong
The Ghost Inside Our House
[from Feel Good Ghosts (Teapartying Through Tornadoes)|buy]


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