Listening Assignments 4.28.08

1. Tingsek - They Showed Up and Were Beautiful - This Swede is cooler than a cucumber-ginger-spearmint-dry-ice-infused aftershave. Frozen. He's the crackling ice in your summer sun tea. Why isn't this huge? [from World of Its Own|buy]

2. Laura Veirs - Galaxies - This 2005 distorted indie chick-rock sounds like it could have sprung from the mouth of Jill Sobule back when I was in high school. In a good way. [from Year of Meteors|buy]

3. Mika - Billy Brown - Wow. Have you heard this record? I feel like I'm smoking drugs. Where else might I find the illegitimate lovechild of Ringo Starr, George Michael, Eric Cartman, and Gwen Stefani? Just wow. [from Life in Cartoon Motion|buy]

4. Carla Thomas - Yesterday (live) - Recorded May 25, 1967, the clinking of glasses and dull rolls of conversation in the background simply transport you. Oh how times have changed. [from STAX does the Beatles|buy]


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