Someone Still Loves You...

It's finally here! Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin released Pershing on April 8th, which means I finally get to applaud its sunlight-filled indie-pop from this soapbox. This record is kite flying. It's chasing the family dog around the park. Diving headlong into a pile of leaves. Shaving. Sipping champagne. Flashlight tag. Capture the flag. Ping pong. Sandals in summer. Skipping rope. Fresh-peeled mangoes. A shiny harmonica. Sprinkler swimming. An afternoon nap. Your favorite book. It's love. It'll gitcha good.

Modern Mystery
Some Constellation
[from Pershing|buy]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks you for posting these two amazing songs. you always choose the best songs of an album (which are often the less posted!!)

1:59 PM  

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