I'd imagine, as far as google-ability goes, having a band name like Tokyo is up there with being named John Johnson or "Live". I'd imagine someone would have to know more specific details about you to be able to find you amidst the 138 million other websites that show up. That or you'd have to simply be very very popular. This particular Tokyo I'm referring to isn't quite there. Yet.

Hailing from the musical "hotbed" of Virginia Beach, VA and registering under 100k listens on their myspace page might render them an afterthought in the location-driven hipster community. So you're from Brooklyn? You're signed! Ditto Portland, Austin, Omaha or Los Angeles. VA Beach? Notsomuch.

But like every other band to appear on linesthroughlines, this Tokyo has something that catches my ear. There is a surface of leveled restraint, calm and reflective. But someone is hidden on the shore tossing in pebbles, their landing points creating rippling waves from their epicenters. The blue sky reflected above is no longer pristine, the clouds are jagged and sharp, the sun temporarily torn apart by the vibrations. Sooner rather than later, the calm returns, the chaos a distant memory. Only this level surface remains, reflecting the above, hiding the below. Only the faint hum of bees in the distance.

With our help, Tokyo may one day be google-able. You can be a part of that by going here. At least they aren't named "New York".

May 9th @ the Boot (Norfolk) w/ The Never, Sarah Carter
June 9th @ Rehab (New York, NY) w/ The House Floor + 2

[from Swan King|buy]


Anonymous Rob said...

been rocking "Swan King" in the car for a couple of weeks now, and have been following Josiah's work for a few years.

great knack for writing amazing tunes and all the guys are super great humans to boot.

so they've got quite a bit going for them.

11:28 PM  

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