A Fleet of Foxes?

I know you're tired of waiting for the new Grizzly Bear record, but if you squint your eyes in the sunlight, you might just make do (and then some) with the fantastic album Fleet Foxes is set to release June 3rd on both Subpop and Bella Union. Two top-notch labels, I might add.

This album is one with your surroundings, so long as those surroundings are outdoors and sundrenched. This consciousness is streaming downhill, eddying in the shallows and collecting flower petals from bank-dwelling dandelions. It could sweep you away as well, though it proves to be quite buoyant. Buried amidst the ooohs and ahhhs of these acknowledged Brian Wilson fanatics, you'll find tribute to a litany of seminal pop and psych-folk '60s bands from the Beatles to the Zombies. Reverb will be employed with abandon, organs will shudder with swirling vibrato, tambourines will dance. This is downright spiritual.

Tiger Mountain Peasant Song
Quiet Houses
[from Fleet Foxes|buy]


Anonymous Jeff said...

This is a great record. Sometimes the singer sounds so much like Jim James that it's eerie, but they're definitely making some beautiful music.

4:10 PM  

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