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Wikipedia is a fairly good place to start when I'm looking for info on bands I don't know a lot about, but sometimes it's kind of a funny collection of knowledge. Take Low Vs. Diamond, for example. There's not a lot to be found on their wiki, other than the usual ho-hum stuff. However, it does list "typical jam band influences such as Dave Matthews and Phish" as part of the band's foundation, influences I never ever would have guessed from the music and thus, are probably useless even mentioning.

Before you break out the ganja, you could read my little blurb from their first appearance here, almost a full year ago.

Speaking of which, it's taken an awful lot of time to make this record, considering two of the tracks (including probably the best) appeared on the Life After Love EP back in February of 2007. That release garnered them a certain amount of hype, but hype only lasts so long unless you've already established yourself. Like, say, Jeremy Enigk, who spent 10 years writing and recording between Return of the Frog King and World Waits.

I've decided this review is going to be highly disjointed.

I personally prefer Low Vs. Diamond to the glut of similarly-influenced bands out there like Editors or She Wants Revenge. They've got a little more heart and a little more diversity under the hood. It's got some of the darker hints of Interpol, the classic brit-pop leanings of Starsailor, the wailing crescendos of Lovedrug. It's hooky and twisted, crimson and shadowy. It's good.


Song We Sang Away
[from Low Vs. Diamond|buy]


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