The Truth About Domingo

Somewhere between the sounds of Kimya Dawson (of Juno fame), Ida, and Jose Gonzalez lies the fictional aural location of Domingo. It's a nigh-ungoogleable band, buried far beneath countless links to the opera singer Placido Domingo, Santo Domingo (the 7th largest city in North America), and Domingo (a NYC rapper). Complications like this arise when choosing a name of this sort and when you list Paris/Albuquerque(?) as your primary location on myspace. Fortunately for them (and unfortunate for the googling public, because they're missing out), Domingo is really a unique and engaging folk group (which is why you've come to a place like this to get your fill). I'm (using) a lot of ()'s today, no?

(just open your ears) and listen

Hold Your Horses
The Grace
[from Domingo|buy]


Anonymous Joy Ike said...

Greetings LtL!

I couldnt see an email adress so I thought I'd leave msg in the comment section. Are you currently accepting music submissions?

I'd love send a copy of my new release your way.
Look forward to hearing from you,

Joy Ike

3:44 AM  

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