Animal/Not Animal

It's been over two years in the making, more if you count how long some of the songs from the upcoming Margot & the Nuclear So and Sos' have been bouncing around the pipes. The time between 2005's still-amazing Dust of Retreat and now has been punctuated by a major label signing (Epic), subsequent dispute and finally, compromise. To the benefit of all parties involved, most of all the listener, Margot will release two LP's this year. Animal! (Sept 30)and Not Animal (Oct 7) will contain 12 tracks, though only 5 will be common to both, for a total of 17 new songs. The former is the album the band demanded be released while the latter is the album Epic insisted on. Consequently, Animal! is seeing only vinyl and digital release, while Not Animal will get digital and CD.

Phew, now that all that technical jargon is out of the way, I'll say this. I'm probably more psyched about Animal!/Not Animal than anything else coming out this year, which includes Copeland's You Are My Sunshine, which drops October 14th. The three teaser tracks on their myspace cause me to salivate. The chorus for "As Tall As Cliffs" is going to haunt me all night.
"Darlin' I'm tired, but I should be leavin'..."

As Tall As Cliffs
A Children's Crusade on Acid
[from Animal/Not Animal (out 9.30/10.7)|pre-order]
*you can also buy their amazing Daytrotter EP on iTunes.


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