Femme Fatale: Carla Bruni

There is a strange hope in this. It's odd enough that the first lady of France has nude modeling pictures all over the internet, but odder still that she's a musician and actually mighty good at it. Carla Bruni's voice is all smoke, no mirrors. The French language is naturally seductive and spills out as if her mouth is full of marbles. For all we know, she could be singing about taking out the trash or Tivo-ing Lost, but I refuse to believe it. She's obviously singing about feeding me peeled grapes on the Mediterranean coastline...

All kidding aside, she's probably a lot deeper than that. And wouldn't it suck to have no one take you seriously because of your past and your position? And could you imagine Michelle Obama/Hilary Clinton/Barbara Bush dropping an album, and a good one to boot?

Tu Es Ma Came
[from Comme Si De Rein N'etait|buy]
Quelqu'un m'a dit
[from Quelqu'un m'a dit|buy]


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