A French Kicks Kiss

Somehow, I missed the fact that NYC's French Kicks released their follow-up to 2006's Two Thousand all the way back in May. Unfortunately, that means the buzz it created was somewhere between a whisper and a cough, a sad fact because I really dig the hell out of it.

"So Far We Are" was my #17 track of 2006, a hook-filled number with one of the most likeable drum parts in recent memory. But it seems no one can mention them without mentioning the Walkmen, a band I've never been able to get into at all. If anything, it should be the other way around. This is much more accessible to me. Swimming is slippery with subtle flairs. Mostly simple arrangements with tasteful and beautiful melodies throughout. Oddly enough the record is bottom-heavy for me (aside from the cool track 4 "New Man") as I find myself listening to the second half on nearly on repeat. "This Could Go On" is a rewarding and fitting finale, building from an odd floor-tom beat into an unexpectedly pretty turning point. It sounds like the band calling out, through the night, to you. Oh, how they've missed you terribly.

Sex Tourists
Love In the Ruins
[from Swimming|buy]


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