Listening Assignments 8.18.08

1. The Rosebuds - Life Like - The Rosebuds have seen a few different incarnations over the years, most recently as a synth-heavy pop band on '07's Night of the Furies. Thankfully, their next release will return to their melodic indie past, though with more noticeable oompf. Linesthroughlines fave Bon Iver also pitches in on the album. With that info and this stellar lead track, sign me up. [from Life Like (out 10.7)|info]

2. Y'all is Fantasy Island - With Handclaps - A more fitting song title would be difficult to find, though handclaps don't actually make their appearance until the singer conjurs them with 45 seconds left in the song. And with the guitar solo closely resembling a basic scale, this is one summer jam that I could possibly do myself. Pro: Could be an iPod commercial. Con: Could be an iPod commercial. [from With Handclaps EP|Free]

3. Dear in the Headlights - Talk About - It took a few listens to love this track, but I definitely do. They practically stole the show from Mae and As Tall as Lions when I saw them last year and this song hints that their upward trajectory is intact. It's stops and goes and organs and curious little pieces of shattered guitar lines and la-dee-dahs and a cute keyboard bridge, too. [from Drunk Like Bible Times (out 9.30)|info]

4. Richard Swift - Lady Luck - Yes, this came out this year. Yes, it's a white guy. Yes, he's oozing soul out of every pore. Yes, he's drowning in reverb. No, he doesn't need rescuing. [from Ground Trouble Jaw EP|free]


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