the Sounder and the Fury

There can be something startlingly effective in committing music to tape unpolished. I think it goes back to the fact that no one is ever "perfect" in real life. When I hear something immaculately constructed, recorded and performed, it hits me in a different place than something unfinished: my head, where at night I imagine perfect scenarios with flawless and flowing soundtracks. So when I hear ((Sounder)) laying these broken tunes to track, I feel something else is being spoken to. Call it heart, soul, or whatever else you want.

Listening to this, I know with certainty that it's ok to be imperfect. Hell, it's preferable. ((Sounder)) is saying it's acceptable to not have all the answers. They're saying we all look in the mirror and see the scars from childhood accidents across our chins. We all know the pain and joy that is buried underneath the shiny exteriors of our eyes. We are who we are. Rock what you've got and make no excuses.

Get Use to Falling
Things are Gonna Get Worse (Before They Get Worser)
[from Good Things Come and Go Like Bad Things|buy]


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