Soapbox Anti-Hero

Is it just me or is it kind of funny that 15-year-old Miley Cyrus' new record is called Breakout?

I saw The Dark Knight everybody! I'm officially the 21,435,678th person to be able to say that! I have a feeling I'd have liked it more if I saw it opening weekend. Why? Because you can only hear so many best movie I've ever seen's and biggest grossing movie of all-time's until the movie will have no chance of meeting expectations. Maybe if I'd been a part of that first wave, propelled by insane hype, I would just be brainwashed into wanting to make out with Batman like everyone else does. My friend Kevin, a big movie critic up in D.C., gave it a 6-star rating (out of 5 stars), his first ever. Come on, people! It was good! Really good (I shivered at the end!). But not that good.

You know what I'm finally done with? Complaining about gas prices. I don't know if I'm just desensitized to it or what, but I'm just over it. We're a spoiled society, though you'd never guess it by the oil headlines. You can find DVD's for $5 all over the place! Cheap cable internet, DVR's, On-Demand, Flat-screen TV's, all within a reasonable budget. Even organic food and products are becoming wide-spread and well-priced. Minimum wage is going up, almost $2 an hour by 2009. We'll pay money hand-over-fist for coffee, beer, and bottled water, but god-forbid we pay increasing amounts for gas, the thing everyone loves to take for granted. Most of us (including myself) are too young to realize that oil has really only been huge in the last 80 years (all of our lifetimes), thanks to modern technology that has revolutionized the extraction and utilization of its bounty. In the grand scheme of the world, that 80 years is like a blink. We've developed that fast, this thing that is limited and non-renewable. And now, we're going to be forced to find something else, to develop something else. As we should be. And I can't think of a better way to bring that change on than this "outrage" at paying ever-increasing prices at the pump, forcing car companies and this country to clamor for a solution (electric cars/bicycles/takethedamnbus). It takes a lot of stress to make a diamond, my friends.

And now, my pedestal crumbling, I will sit down, shut up, and get back to writing about music for awhile.


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