Copeland Equals Sunshine

There was a severe pang of heartwarming nostalgia when the opening notes of Copeland's new melodic masterpiece You Are My Sunshine came across the airwaves. It's been two years since a full LP of new stuff was released (Eat, Sleep, Repeat: 2006). While 2007 saw the release of a closet-full of b-sides and demos in Dressed Up & In Line and full-on speculation as to the demise of the band, 2008 holds a bevy of newness for this Lakeland, Florida outfit. A new label (Tooth & Nail after 3 albums with the Militia Group), a new outlook on the future, and most importantly a new album.

And what an album it is. Immediately captivating (see album opener "Should You Return"), Sunshine grabs hold song after song, including a perfect re-hash of "Chin Up" in the 3rd slot, and with much thanks to little-known guest vocalist Rae Cassidy who lends an angelic light to three tracks. Steadily, while under the scrutinizing microscope of longtime fans, Copeland has built up quite an impressive ever-maturing body of work, delving deep into the heart of what makes us all feel. Sunshine is as uplifting as a fizzy lifting drink, a needed shot of warmth in this early Fall season when the chill sometimes whisps in through the cracks in the windows and floors.

Here's a link to a clever youtube vid the band made to announce the name of the album. It's pretty beautiful, even if it sounds Icelandic.

Should You Return
The Day I Lost My Voice (the Suitcase Song)
[from You Are My Sunshine|buy for 7.99 at Best Buy w/ free shipping]
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