"they won't believe in this
her heart is blameless
firestarting is dangerous"

Go check out the new song here. I think it's probably the most personal thing I've ever written. Maybe that'll mean no one else gets it. I actually wept the first time I sung the first two verses. I kept singing them over and over, my voice breaking and my eyes and cheeks icy hot. Therapy.

I've been realizing my life dynamic recently and I've been a little shaken. We all make 5 mistakes before breakfast, it's human, but all these years of "no regrets" and "it's all for a reason" has numbed me to it. It flows by like water. The REASON things happen is to mold you, to make you think and decide the next time accordingly. Looking back, I see the same mistake done 50 ways. These last few weeks have been different. I think I'm taking my life back. I feel overwhelmingly happy and excited. This change needs to keep on coming. Apologies to those I've neglected, it's nothing personal. I want it to be personal again, but I need some time. I'll get there if you'll meet me halfway. I've still got some work to do.


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