Just Bust a Move (2 of 2)

3. Brand New School
Hip-hop is a living, breathing genre, always in flux. Every second, it's getting blingier, dirtier, more crunk, or all three. In music stores all across the country, there are young MC's in the keyboards section, hitting the demo buttons, and flowing along like pros. These three are a drop in the bucket, but a testament to the breadth of the genre.

El-P - Everything Must Go
The Game (feat. Kanye West) - Wouldn't Get Far
Nicolay - I Am The Man

4. The DJ
The DJ has always impressed me because unlike the orgy that can spring forth in modern rap/hiphop, their craft is very much one on one. They possess the innate ability to hear the beat in anything and crank it up. They are the epitome of the artist/producer, pulling double duty on stage without the aide of vocals or a band. Two turntables and a microphone. Word.

Kid Koala - Skanky Panky
RJD2 - Ghostwriter


Anonymous su said...

this post is a good glimpse into the creme de la creme in indie hip hop... but whats dat - no SPANK ROCK?

bring it live. word up baby pop

11:42 PM  

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