Georgie James

Hey you. Yes, you over there. I have a very good feeling about this. I think if you click "Need Your Needs" below, you'll be hooked like a marlin on a line. Georgie James is the brainchild of former Q and Not U drummer John Davis and the formerly solo Laura Burhenn. She sounds like another in the growing line of fantastic female singers in the general mold of Leslie Feist, Amy Milian, and Emily Haines. She mans the Fender Rhodes while Mr. Davis drifts between drums, electric guitar and bass. The result is a hip and intelligent pop sound you're going to have a hard time not listening to. Add the upcoming full-length to the growing list of anticipated releases of 2007 for me. Enjoy.

Need Your Needs
Cake Parade
[from Need Your Needs EP|buy]


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