Owen on Breakups...

So today, I'm finally dedicating a blog post to one of my favorite artists: Owen (Mike Kinsella). Somehow, he's made appearances in assignments and best-of lists, but never his own entry. Here it is buddy. He's Polyvinyl's prodigal son, appearing in a long lineage of benchmark bands like Cap'n Jazz, Joan of Arc, Owls, and American Football. Owen is his solo pseudonym and the current manifestation of his melodic, soothing sound. His lyrics are profound, especially when bringing haunting relevance to post-breakup emotions. It's usually bittersweet, filled with longing and finality, his voice simultaneously pleading for both another chance and to be released. His signature continuous fingerpicking creates a swirling aura behind the voice like a lullabye, lulling you closer to feel this pain. It's a good pain. The five song Owen EP is hands-down on of my top 5 favorite EP's ever released. It's only $5 on iTunes and probably in any store that carries it. You can take him home with you today.

Breaking Away
Skin and Bones
[from the Owen EP|buy]
Never Meant
[from Owen/The Rutabega|buy]

*Upon further reflection, I'm holding the Shins' post off until Tuesday. Every blog that has posted any song other than Phantom Limb in the last 4 months has been made to take it down by WebSheriff. I'm hoping that's just to curtail pre-release downloading of the album, which makes some (although not total) sense. I will not be posting Phantom Limb. But I will be posting three tracks the day the album comes out so get them while they are hot and go buy the album. If they get taken down, it'll be an unfortunate stance for prominent independent music in the blog community.


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