Paste Sampler 27 (Dec06/Jan07)

Magazine Sampler Issue 27cd

Paste Magazine is fast-becoming one of my favorite music publications. If not for the hefty price tag ($7.95), I'd pick it up every month. Maybe I need a subscription. We'll see. Anyway, it comes with a 20 song mix-CD every month filled with up-and-comers and surprisingly more hits than misses. Some of my favorite songs have been first found on Paste Samplers in the past (The Damnwells' "Sleepsinging" is the most notable). This month's is exceptionally strong and it should be considering it spans two months instead of the normal one. Pick up a copy on newsstands everywhere.

The Manchester Orchestra - Wolves At Night - I'm scouring the internet for information that would link the Orchestra to The Format because simply put, they sound like the same band. This sounds like a B-side for Dog Problems (though good enough to have made the final cut).
The Bird and the Bee - Again & Again - The wonderful Inara George's full band project. Everytime I hear her, she reminds me more of Jonatha Brooke which will always win me over in my book. It also has Broken Social Scene vibes going.
The Born Again Floozies - I Used to Play the Euphonium - Playful, overthetop, and foot-stomping happylike. This sounds like an english-speaking Malajube. This one pasted (get it! Paste-d!!! Terrible.) a sappy smile on my face.


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