The Shins will change your life.

I've been awaiting this day for months. Today, I get to blog about the Shins' new record Wincing the Night Away, which is finally out on Subpop Records. Natalie Portman is finally more Nostradamus than Pat Robertson with her life-changing prediction from Garden State. I half-disagreed back then, I fully agree now. This record surpasses huge expectations, which almost never happens. It's accessible without being derivative. It's experimental without being pretentious. It's melody and harmony joined in perfect matrimony. Here's hoping this will make The Shins a household name for a reason other than "having that one song in that one movie with Zach Braff." Go buy it, go buy it.

Split Needles
Black Wave
[from Wincing the Night Away|BUY IT!]


Blogger Victor said...

i do like your site quite a bit, but i have to disagree with you. i find the album to be a huge let down when compared to chutes too narrow (i've been fortunate to have it for several weeks now). The band sounds like theyre trying to be several other bands that theyre not. their experimentation seems forced at times and awkward at others. thats not to say there arent some good songs on there (sleeping lessons), but overall theres almost no cohesiveness. then again it must be difficult to improve upon a near perfect album like chutes. Thanks for the forum and the songs!

10:27 PM  
Anonymous Chris Nelson said...

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2:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved it and they became very quickly a favorite of mine. They have a very skilled music and imagination that penetrates beautifully in their music. Hope they keep their music still vibrating.

3:15 PM  

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