January 15th Listening Assignments

1. Electric President - Good Morning, Hypocrite - This song is at a walking pace, skittering with computer-aided melodies and whispery layered harmonies. I hear a lot of Pinback here, and a lot of obvious Postal Service reference in other tracks. Pleasant, delicate, fabulous. Yes, kind of weird too.[from Electric President|buy]

2. Sandro Perri - Dreaming - Ahhh, this song is so pretty. It's got the constant downstrummed home-recording sound of a Jose Gonzalez guitar with the syrupy (single-tracked) vocals of Grizzly Bear. Oh no, he's Canadian! [from ...Plays Polmo Polpo|buy]

3. Malajube - La Monogamie - Maybe it's the french I don't understand, but this song just makes me think of a high school crush, playful, melodic and bombastic. [from Trompe L'Oeil|buy]

4. Common - I Have a Dream - Heyyyyy, nod your head! This song is really fitting today because of the clips of MLKJr laced throughout this smart toe-tapping hip-hop anthem from the new Freedom Writers movie. Check it y'all. hahahahahah. ahem. Yeah. [from Freedom Writers|buy]


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