Let there be sight!

The power of sight is a deep and important thing. Having the foresight to make the right decisions, learning from your mistakes with hindsight. Seeing the brilliantly tiny features that make your love the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. Some sights get weaker with age, some stronger. I'm getting Lasik surgery in two weeks! I'll be seeing clearly under my own power for the first time since 6th grade! So I thought I'd post about it. Theme posts always yield rarer and more surprising results.

Coldplay - See You Soon - One of the songs that hooked me on this then-unknown. Acoustic and beautiful. [from The Blue Room EP]
Inlets - See Her, Seer - I still can't hear Inlets without hearing Sufjan, but I'm not sure if that's good or bad. He writes oozy gorgeous songs so I guess it's good. [from Vestibule EP]
Michael Merenda - When I See Your Face - The Mammals' songwriter is a Bob Dylan-esque storyteller with plenty of folk and heart. This one builds nicely. [from Quiver]


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