Listening Assignments 2.19.07

1. Foy Vance - Homebird - Foy has one of those syrupy-smooth male alto voices that just irons out all those wrinkles in your brain. I'm not sure how Grey's Anatomy picks songs for the show/soundtrack (I'm betting much of it is labels paying for their artists' inclusion), but this was a wise choice. [from Grey's Anatomy Vol.2|buy]

2. Guillemots - Trains to Brazil - Derek at GWFA thought this was the best song of 2006 and I can't agree. I can, however, love this song and thank him for posting about it. It's bombastic and triumphant, horns and booming toms, a great melody. Just a really great song. Definitely would have made my top 10-15. [from Through the Windowpane|buy]

3. Cloud Cult - Chemicals Collide - Quirky and beautiful melodic rock. One of a seemingly growing number of fragile/strange-voiced singers out there these days. Reminds me a lot of the new Menomena record. [from the Meaning of 8 (out 4/10)|or buy immediately from the band]

4. Des Ark - Lord of the Rings (& His Fascist Timekeepers) - This song burns me like a dull roar. Nearly painless but wholly affecting. It doesn't even matter what the song is about, it soars on damaged wings, a bitter wind in its face. It's been flying over an open gray ocean for days, no trace of land in sight. [from Battle of the Beards|buy]


Blogger europebound said...

Man, I was just wondering... how long have you been running this blog?
I can only find posts back to February 11 or around there.

Is that true?

3:02 PM  
Blogger drewcif said...

I've been running this blog since June of 2006, you can browse the archives on the right column of this page. I was added to the hype machine this year, so it only has posts back to January, but they're all here if you look around a little bit! :) thanks for reading!

3:34 PM  

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