The Longcut - A Tried and Tested Method

It's been fun to watch the evolution of the music video, being a part of the "MTV Generation" and all. I remember sitting in front of the TV for hours just waiting for the inevitable appearance of En Vogue's "Givin Him Something He Can Feel". That video was so hot to me, as hot as it got back in those days to a 10-year old. Then we all saw MTV morph into an almost video-less channel, filled with ridiculous programming with loose (at best) connections to the network's namesake. Still, it was wildly influential and provided a backdrop for some of pop culture's biggest moments. These days the network has found a balance between music vids (late night) and disconnected programming (pretty much the rest of the time). But back into focus has come the music video, this time through a different racehorse: the internet. Fuse.tv, and Youtube, in particular, but really anywhere. Bands are making videos without MTV in mind and it's still working. And with modern technology, I could pretty easily make one on my computer. OKGo is an easy example of what a great video can do for a pretty mediocre band (IMO). That video rules. So does this one:

The Longcut - A Tried and Tested Method
[from A Call and Response|info]


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