A V-Day Book of Blog

1. Be safe out there today, lovebirds.

2. I can guarantee this is an over-generalization, but there are a few Irish guys I know that wear nothing but Irish stuff. Clovers all over everything, green in majority or minority, the flag, irish tattoos, drinking only Guinness, shirts or hats that say the work Irish or Ireland on them. Anyone care to explain? Is it a pride in homeland kind of thing? It just seems completely crazy. Who wants to be a caricature?

3. I bought a printer from Walmart yesterday. An HP AllinOne Printer/Scanner/Copier/Assassin. Looks hot. Here's the kicker: It doesn't come with everything you need to hook it up. You have to buy the USB cable to hook it up to your computer seperately. How ridiculous is that? I'm sure it's to make more money for the company, but wtf. I guarantee that I'm a lot more pissed about having to go back and buy the cable I need than I would have been if I had had to pay $10 more on the printer with the USB included in the package. How's that for customer satisfaction.

4. Myspace update: My personal profile was restored three days after all my errors were taking place. The horrible customer service was already spoken of here. Anyway, that was almost two weeks ago. I just got back an e-mail yesterday which addressed none of my direct questions and said "my request had been fulfilled". I'll repeat this: If myspace wants to run with the big boys, why don't they get held accountable like them?

5. Go see Pan's Labyrinth. What a beautiful provocative movie.

6. And Children of Men too.

The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter (Streetlab Remix) - totally sweet remix featured on the Children of Men trailer but not the actual movie.
Some Tweetlove - Jean Paul III


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