Finally Fionn

It's hard believe that it has been all this time with no individual post for Fionn Regan. He had, after all, my favorite song of 2006 ("Black Water Child"). He has, after all, forced his way into the music catalogue of many a stateside music aficionado despite being a near-unknown before last year. Dude's got chops on his free-flowing finger-picking guitar. Dude's got pipes. Dude's got words. Dude's got Jeff Mangum (Neutral Milk Hotel), Damien Rice, Joseph Arthur, and Bob Dylan tied up in his bedroom closet. Just don't call him Fiona or you'll end up in there too.

The Underwood Typewriter
Campaign Button
Black Water Child
[from The End of History|buy]
*link fixed


Anonymous stu said...

The Campaign Button link isn't working.

Great sounding tracks though, thanks!

4:17 AM  

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