A Day of Gotye

We'll see what I end up posting later today, but if there ever were videos worthy of posting, here they be. Gotye (pronounced Go-tee-yay like the French Gautier) was one of my most exciting finds of the last year, a 20-something Australian songsmith with serious chops. "Learnalilgivinanlovin" ended up #5 on my top 50 songs of 2006 list, and "Heart's a Mess" could easily have been top 10 material if I wasn't trying my damnedest to limit each artist to one song in the top 50 (Midlake being the only exception). The former a rousing lesson in modern soul, oozing with playful optimism, the latter a beautiful example of restraint and timely climax, set at a hauntingly sauntering pace. Elsewhere on Like Drawing Blood, you'll find samples and horn blasts and everything else short of the proverbial kitchen sink. It all works. It's all good. These vids will blow your mind...

Out Here in the Cold [from Boardface|buy]


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