Tom Brosseau

The circumstances surrounding the show where I finally saw Tom Brosseau live last year are disorienting. This is because it was two shows combined, the first of which was quite reputable, a touring package consisting of the lovely Alela Diane and Tom. Mellow and introspective folk that drew me in and made me want to hold my breath to preserve the still air that suspended the notes around my head. As I told my friends afterward, something about those two, Tom in particular, captivated me. I was riveted. Unfortunately, there were to be 4 bands following Alela and Tom so they didn't play exceptionally long sets and the next band was seriously the loudest band I've ever heard. Not the heaviest or most distorted, simply the loudest band I've ever seen. Which succeded quite obviously in destroying the still air I've already mentioned. Still, Tom Brosseau's warbling melodies often bounce around the inside of my head and coat all the surfaces in there with soft velvet. It's a good feeling.

West of Town
[from What I Mean to Say Is Goodbye|buy]
Here Comes the Water Now
[from Grand Forks|buy]


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