Ferraby (the) Lionheart(ed)

I do find it a bit strange that Farraby Lionheart's two biggest influences (Elliott Smith and Jeff Buckley) are both tragically deceased, but I suppose if you were going to be influenced by someone, two incredibly talented and gone-too-soon songwriters would be the place to start. He doesn't need to be a copycat because he's got the skills to back up a totally sweet name. And he doesn't really sound much like either of them, just in whispers and traces, just enough to warm the outer edges of my heart and to feel the first pangs of sadness that their pens will never stroke a fresh sheet of notebook paper again. But hey, I don't want to describe Ferraby by comparison alone, these two songs should simply be in your playlist and your head for the next few days. Easy enough?

Tickets to Crickets
Won't Be Long
[from s/t EP|buy]


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