I Love Yer Radical Face

I first mentioned Ben Cooper's Electric President almost 2 months ago, highlighting "Good Morning, Hypocrite" for the 1.14.07 Assignments. Another EP track, "Insomnia" actually made it onto The O.C. Anyhoo, Mr. Cooper is a super-talented busybody and has another side-project album coming out March 2oth under the moniker of Radical Face. I actually like it a lot more than the Electric President stuff overall, though both stand on their own. Radical Face is much less electronic experimentation and much more an experiment of acoustic delicacy and melody with some really pleasant guest instruments (accordion and tack-hammered piano, to mention two). Maybe if Ben Gibbard and Rob Crow of Pinback made an acoustic side project, they might call themselves Radical Face, but I think Ben Cooper would give them a run for their money.

Wrapped in Piano Strings
Welcome Home, Son
[from Ghost (out 3.20)|buy]


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